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Author Topic: Revy again  (Read 965 times)
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« on: April 11, 2016, 04:58:38 pm »

Well i know i said goodbye, but i must set some things right.

Falcon you gave me a fancy list of things, i'm gonna give you one too:

So if i start Soldat and play, what do i see?
  • I see active hacker playing side by side with devs (of course they don't know about them).
  • I see guys DoS-attacking servers.
  • I see helloer, who knows how, hacking servers to ban and mute me to "ban me from Soldat" like he once said, and the server admins have to unban me again.
  • I see player, that were abusing the fixed weapon-menue bug to get barretts, still playing on your servers (can't speak for last weeks, though).
  • I see player that were abusing the fixed flak-fast-reload bug playing up to the present.
  • I see dominik, although banned for hacking, having no problem to repeatedly pointing out how lazy you devs are. (
  • I saw admins of popular servers that used to be hacker.
  • And i see that apparently even devs used to be hacker, how is this even possible!? (Source: Reply #2)
  • From my perspective better ask who did never hack and break the rules instead of who did it - less raised hands to count.
And then there is me, trolling a bit and bypassing bans i get for bypassing bans (remember: i've got the first ban for rejoining after i was teamkilled on purpose, not vice versa!) and i feel such a strong emotional aversion to me that i've never experienced before.

If you give me a strong "go fuck yourself" and a ban for all time, i'm curious what cruel presents you have for those mentioned in the list above.
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« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2016, 07:56:55 pm »

And I've seen Rev avoiding his ban shitload of times. Don't make this about others, I'll deal with them however I want to.
Now go and fulfill my request.
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« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2016, 09:51:59 pm »

The original ban you got, was for teamkilling, and then rejoining with changed IP. The other guy got one too, except he did his time. I don't know who killed who, I don't really care either. Life is unfair though, if you really had been innocent, you should have clarified the situation by explaing yourself here, on IRC or another server. Or just wait a week. We already unbanned people who explicitly teamkilles us, because they were simply sorry and apologized to us.

Well, having seen your ban avoiding skills, I conclude that you'd have been able to play LS with your ban, you'd only need to stay anonymous for that week, then month or so. If that's what it was about. But it was not about you just wanting to play LS, it was about sending a message, and letting us know who we are dealing with (hence the IRC messages?). It was about simply fucking with us by playing your cat and mouse game.

You are banned for your limitless aroganccy. You are banned for wasting our time by making us add your countless proxies to the list.

It's not like I am even personally mad at you, in fact I couldn't care less since I have much greater concerns in my life. The thing is though, that we create LS for free, noone pays us for dealing with cases such as you, we don't owe you anything.

Find yourself a better activity. I don't wanna see you again.

Good bye,
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