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Now with more modes in the gather!
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Author Topic: Multimode Gather  (Read 1792 times)
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« on: October 31, 2012, 12:33:23 pm »

As we experienced, mm gather will mean alot of changes.

Most important changes scriptwise:
1. remove the mm commands !next and !(insertmodehere)
2. modes should be random by server.
   each gather should consist of x ammounts of modes making for a 15-30 min gather
   experience. This part of the script would have to keep track of the current overall score too.
   Who wins 2 out of the 3 modes (f.e.) wins. I know, i know. ALOT of work here.
3. some modes should be removed, cuz they wont play well gatherwise.
4. Fix MMs teamforcing
5. Fix MMs autostarting (especially races). Wait for !reset and /ready After first reset, start all following modes paused.
6. Include /t
7. !p needs to be implemented as pause. (It votes for paintmatch now)

Ill start with point 3.

not all modes play that well in teamgathers
not all modes are stable

currently votable are:

db - Dodgeball - good old dodgeball with massive amount of knives.
tag - Tagmod© - avoid and dodge taggers.
hr - Weapon Race - fast because furious.
po - Pushover - if there are death polygons, we can kill it.
ca - Catch - passion of weapon collectors.
kf - Killer Flag - returning flag was never so evil.
dd - Double Domination - capture both points and keep them.
rc - PerroRace© - something for the fans of casual swiftness.
dh - Duckhunt - hunters hunt, ducks cap, simple.
kv - Knife Volley - real men play volleyball with a knife.
2ws - 2-Way Shootout - basketball mixed with dodgeball.
km - Kit Madness - reach the flag while dodging the angry kits.
ss - Steyrs and Socoms -  boost with steyr kill with dedly socom.
bs - Brutal Soccer - doesn't need as much skill as soccer but compensates it with bloodshed.
mt - Missile Tag - tag where other players aren't your main problem.
mv - Musical Vests - we wanted musical chairs but.. there is no chair.
p - Paintmatch - convert enemies on your side by shooting them and "catch them all".
ar - Airco-Race - ride the mighty carpet bombing on your favourite tw/ttw maps
sc - Switch Climb - climbing with a bit of scripting magic

so lets sort out a bit shall we?

Crashes server:Paintmatch
If fixable, do so. This could be good for gathers.

Not good for teammatches:
kit madness
law catch
missile tag (:( )
musical vests
switch climbing

need some adaptation:
Weapon race
basically, what we would need is 2 teams (with identical spawnpoints). winner is not the first to arrive individually but all teamtimes added total.
Pushover (needs to be transformed into teammatch, script giving points to teams, not to individual players)

Will work:
Double domination
Dodgeball (maybe delete that u get knifes by switching weps. its madness. in a bad way)
Knife volleyball
Killer Flag
Brutal Soccer
Steyrs and Socoms

Would work:
VIP (missing?)
Paintmatch (broken)
Knife Basketball (!2ws doesnt do shit atm, it says 100%/60%, but the mode never loads. After a while, it says "vote failed")

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« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2012, 01:39:45 pm »

Thought about points 2 and 5.

i see a problem there.
we cannot leave the autostart as it is cuz it wont wait until everyones ready/on the server/etc.
however a !reset ingame would probably lead to resetting the whole gather, not the current mode.
What i mean by this, lets say a MM gather consists of 3 random modes (f.e. soccer, double domination, a race). Now u would maybe wanna reset the race, but that would result in resetting everything.
One solution could be to play just one mode but that would lead into new problems and also the mm charm would be lost.
It would be random mode, not multimode.

Therefore i suggest that mm gathers start paused (if that is possible) so u have to unpause em with /gogo.
ofc we can manually pause, too if this solution brings new problems.
Either way, the autostart of the modes could stay, if pause is implemented.

With point 2 on its own:
The races are so short, i dont know how we should implement them.
if we play 3 modes at random f.e. it could be a 3-4 min gather if only races got picked.
one solution could be to say "so what"
the other to maybe combine the racemodes into one. that racemode would consist of all races that start one after the other. all times of teams are added, team with least time wins this mode.
I know, even more work^^ But it would have a decent length.
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« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2012, 02:23:51 am »

after some mm gathers i still wished we would play teammodes only. Theyre more fun (thou the races are done well) and motivate (me) more to do well than being the king of the hill. Especially since when ze1 is in the mm gather the winner seems already set ;)

teammodes we have:

killer flag

thats 8 modes to chose, which to me sounds fine.
if u dont wanna lose the rest, maybe enable !mode mmteam

that would be a real nice thing to have.
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« Reply #3 on: November 10, 2012, 02:12:59 pm »

dh, kv and law are teammodes, too.

ps i dont really like the idea of deleting the singlemodes
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