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Bugs and Suggestions / [Suggestion] Radioman taunts
« on: July 10, 2013, 03:44:39 pm »
currently the taunts are

/vestgen /tap /para /barrage

but strikesstats show, that barrage is rarely used.

Nuke (20.68%) Airco strike (19.24%) Zeppelin strike (13.25%) Shell burst (12.77%) Enemy Base strike (12.11%) Mortar barrage (10.01%) Napalm strike (9.77%) Cluster strike (2.16%)

so why not make /nuke the new cc4 since its used twice as often as barrage?

i wouldnt object against a vote about wether its nuke or airco tho.

General Discussion / Happy new year
« on: January 01, 2013, 12:41:37 pm »
Happy new year to all of you :)

Tournament / FFS - Canceling this
« on: December 01, 2012, 02:29:23 pm »
Since barely anyone is interested, im announcing the canceling of the tournament.

Ill use the next days to copy all this into a worddocument or so, so i have it saved for some day. Also ill give u guys the chance to maybe still make it work, which i would be happy to see.

But im not the kind of guy not seeing when something obviously wont have success and ill react to its failure soon.

Tournament / FFS - suggestions and questions
« on: November 26, 2012, 11:52:16 pm »
Im always open to suggestions.
Also, since the ruleset might be a bit frightning to look at: If u have any questions, just ask them.

Tournament / FFS - Turns
« on: November 26, 2012, 11:50:57 pm »
Here i will post maps and movements of the current turn, as soon as the tournament starts.

Tournament / Fight for Soldatia: Recruitment
« on: November 26, 2012, 11:50:15 pm »
If u wanna be part of this epic war over the Land of Soldatia, sign in here!

Recruited so far:


Tournament / FFS - Tournament Ruleset
« on: November 26, 2012, 11:45:02 pm »
Hello Soldier,

welcome to the training section for the upcoming battle, the fight for Soldatia (ffs  :P).

Your job is it to conquer Soldatia and crush the opposition. Either by controlling a significant part of the map, or by conquering the enemy capital cities! So lets get started with this goddamn explanations!

Start of the game:
Every team starts with one capital city and tries to get more and more maptiles under its control over time. Every maptile is represented by a certain ttw_map, so defending ur capital will always result in playing on a certain ttw map.


The goal is to crush the enemy forces.
Win by capturepoints. U need x points (i will decide this later, depending on mapsize and players) to win. Every maptile u own adds 1 point to ur current capcount (losing them means -1). Holding an enemy capital city gives y (decided later) cappoints.  U can also crush an opponent by controlling his capital city for 2 rounds in a row.

I. Movement:
1. Every team has one moveaction per round with its main army (position shown by soldiersymbol)
2. The main army can march or run. Marching means u can be cut off from moving by an attacking enemy army and forced into defensive battle. Running prevents being cut off, but makes u lose the tile u are running from if an enemy army gets near that tile next ground (1 tile away) or is 1 tile away before u run away. I doesnt have to be attacked to get lost, the presence of a strong enemy force nearby makes the very few ppl u left there flee and the tile becomes neutral.
3.1 U can march or run 1 neutral tile per round OR
    3.2 U can attack 1 tile away from ur main army (view: IV) OR
    3.3 U can move ur main army 2 tiles in ur own territory.

*1 Move per round. 1 Tile reach to move onto neutral tile (no battle unless 2 teams want the tile in the same round) or enemy (ttw gather decides which team will get the tile), 2 tiles reach for movement on own maptiles.
4. U can get dragged into defence battles on starting tile or on the way. (view: II.2 and I.5.3)
5. Which team moves first?
5.1 Every Teamgeneral sends the Gamemaster a movecommand via forumpn (f.e. march to A2 or run to C6 Bridge), as soon as his team is done battling in current round. U cannot send moveactions to the Gamemaster before this, if u try to cheat ull get pushed to bottom of movelist.
5.2 The Gamemaster then sorts the movecommands by incoming date. He begins with the oldest Run command, then the next run command and so on.
Then the same for Move commands. Then he starts moving the armies and tells the teams which attack battles they will fight and which of their own tiles are being attacked.
5.3 A team that arrives at an enemy tile with its main army still sitting there  forces it into defensive battle and interrupts its marching. Running armies cant be stopped.

II. Defence:
1. Each team has the right to defend every attacked teamtile in a range of 3 maptiles. The tiles are counting following the curse of ur conquerd tiles, not as the crow flies.
1.1. This is true as long as the tile is not cut off from main army:
U can only defend tiles that are connected via owned tiles. If that connection gets cut off u can only defend those tiles ur main army is currently in, the cut off tiles become defenceless against attackers.

*Yellows main army got cut off from its capital. Even by moving back to the cutoff it cannot defend the yellow tiles on the other side of blues cutoff until connection is reestablished.

    1.2. Teams can chose to not defend a tile, its automatically lost then.
2. Every team has to defend the tile where its main army is currently staying.
2.1 This battle has top priority, in case a tile is lost and this cuts off other attacked tiles, they are automatically indefendable (view II.1.2.)

III. Attacking
1. U can attack with ur main force only.
2. Ur attacking reach is 1 tile
3. U play on the map specified at the map for this tile. Setup ttw gather properly for it. (teams)

IV. Gather outcome. (Might be changed in the details)
1. Winner tickets above 400: Winner takes the tile, loser relocates its main army 2 tiles in any direction he choses (if possible). Must be relocated on teamtile.
2. Winner tickets above 200: Winner takes the tile, loser relocates its main army 1 tile in any direction he choses. Must be relocated on teamtile.
3. Winner tickets above 100 (but below 200): Winner takes the tile, loser can chose freely where to relocate his army on his remaining teamtiles, as long as they are connected to main force.
4. Winner tickets below 100: Tile is converted into neutral, Tiledefender is relocated 1 tile in any direction he choses.  Must be relocated on teamtile.  Attacker stays on his original tile Winner has the option to take the tile next round or something else, loser is not allowed to attack this tile for 1 round unless its his capital city.

Multimode / Multimode Gather
« on: October 31, 2012, 12:33:23 pm »
As we experienced, mm gather will mean alot of changes.

Most important changes scriptwise:
1. remove the mm commands !next and !(insertmodehere)
2. modes should be random by server.
   each gather should consist of x ammounts of modes making for a 15-30 min gather
   experience. This part of the script would have to keep track of the current overall score too.
   Who wins 2 out of the 3 modes (f.e.) wins. I know, i know. ALOT of work here.
3. some modes should be removed, cuz they wont play well gatherwise.
4. Fix MMs teamforcing
5. Fix MMs autostarting (especially races). Wait for !reset and /ready After first reset, start all following modes paused.
6. Include /t
7. !p needs to be implemented as pause. (It votes for paintmatch now)

Ill start with point 3.

not all modes play that well in teamgathers
not all modes are stable

currently votable are:

db - Dodgeball - good old dodgeball with massive amount of knives.
tag - Tagmod© - avoid and dodge taggers.
hr - Weapon Race - fast because furious.
po - Pushover - if there are death polygons, we can kill it.
ca - Catch - passion of weapon collectors.
kf - Killer Flag - returning flag was never so evil.
dd - Double Domination - capture both points and keep them.
rc - PerroRace© - something for the fans of casual swiftness.
dh - Duckhunt - hunters hunt, ducks cap, simple.
kv - Knife Volley - real men play volleyball with a knife.
2ws - 2-Way Shootout - basketball mixed with dodgeball.
km - Kit Madness - reach the flag while dodging the angry kits.
ss - Steyrs and Socoms -  boost with steyr kill with dedly socom.
bs - Brutal Soccer - doesn't need as much skill as soccer but compensates it with bloodshed.
mt - Missile Tag - tag where other players aren't your main problem.
mv - Musical Vests - we wanted musical chairs but.. there is no chair.
p - Paintmatch - convert enemies on your side by shooting them and "catch them all".
ar - Airco-Race - ride the mighty carpet bombing on your favourite tw/ttw maps
sc - Switch Climb - climbing with a bit of scripting magic

so lets sort out a bit shall we?

Crashes server:Paintmatch
If fixable, do so. This could be good for gathers.

Not good for teammatches:
kit madness
law catch
missile tag (:( )
musical vests
switch climbing

need some adaptation:
Weapon race
basically, what we would need is 2 teams (with identical spawnpoints). winner is not the first to arrive individually but all teamtimes added total.
Pushover (needs to be transformed into teammatch, script giving points to teams, not to individual players)

Will work:
Double domination
Dodgeball (maybe delete that u get knifes by switching weps. its madness. in a bad way)
Knife volleyball
Killer Flag
Brutal Soccer
Steyrs and Socoms

Would work:
VIP (missing?)
Paintmatch (broken)
Knife Basketball (!2ws doesnt do shit atm, it says 100%/60%, but the mode never loads. After a while, it says "vote failed")

Misc / Other Gather Modes
« on: October 10, 2012, 02:08:55 pm »
As incredible as it sounds: Noone offers a tw Gather, not even Leos.

As its a pretty succesful gamemode, why dont WE offer this.
This could bring a bunch of new ppl in.

For start we wouldnt even need much.
Install Leos domination script at server, install a switch option via bot (voiced ppl can switch from !ttw to !tw when added) and maybe see if the maplist is up to date.

If there is rlly alot of ppl we could think about a new server but i dont think that would be needed for now.

Topic changed.
Poll added. I dont demand we implement all those modes that get voted im just curious what would be interesting to ppl.

Bugs and Suggestions / [BUG] Conqfails
« on: July 09, 2012, 07:14:36 pm »
Description: Sometimes the conq countdown doesnt finish. It just stops at [1] and has to be restarted. No success msg either.
Frequency: rarely, but ofc its rlly bad if it happens
When: Today, ~14:00 UTC/GMT +2 hr, happend twice to nameless and once some days ago to theone.

Bugs and Suggestions / [Suggestion] Flamer
« on: July 08, 2012, 07:58:49 pm »
In Trench- and Bunkerwars, the Flamethrower was always used to clear out difficult situations.
Why is it lacking here, then?

Also a guy breaking a defending team seems to be a good thing to make the games less static.

The flamer is powerful. Getting in touch with the flame kills u (with a short delay). id like to know what happens if u eat ur meal in the right time. might save u, we could test that.
This immense + gets balanced out by the fact u cant reload it (once its burned out u can drop it, that has ben fixed in one of the recent updates of soldat) and that its not of good use while running. u have to get in range, if u cant do that the sp will be wasted. But if u can, all hell breaks lose!

SP suggestion 6Sp because of the rangething, but up to 8 is acceptable.

Also a classcreation with the flamer as starting wep (+ socom, no mre no other shit he can do) would be possible, but i know falcon doesnt rlly want new classes in ttw.

Tactical Trenchwar / Pausing in TTW
« on: May 26, 2012, 11:05:00 pm »
Recently, the community came up with an idea: Why use pauses only if some1 leaves, needs to go to the toilet, answer phone, fix lag, etc?
Why not have a quick talk for a few secs to give more precise information than ur respawn time / taunts allow u?

Well my personal opinion towards that is: It sucks.
a) Its annoying.
b) Its unfair. I chose not to do so. So my team is in a tactical disadvantage. So im kinda forced to do the same if u continue.
c) Where is the final frontier for that? (Trek references here) Why dont we pause to switch gen and rad while were ded. and plus, commands still work when paused. Ill just !p when i wanna do some shit outside the four taunts next time. Im exagerating, i know :) Still when we dont stop here, it can go there very quickly.

Now the only problem i see: U can always pretend it wasnt for tactic talk to avoid punishment.
But i dont think we would be that unfair.

Now take ur chance to comment. U dont have to like my opinion, but i dont have to like ur stupid pausing ;)

Misc / Tw Aztec
« on: November 11, 2011, 11:50:41 pm »
This is a mod of the avarax cs map. (de_aztec)

- Bunker borders now with colliders
- Spawns moved and side switched
- underwater sections darkend and hurt now
- mid bunker rails (right side) set to only player collide, to balance mid bunk
- right bunker given stair to access floor lvl
- ofc i removed all the healpacks etc and the jets ;)

Map overview


Would u upload this to the scrim server maybe falc?

Misc / TTW mission mode
« on: June 25, 2011, 05:43:55 pm »
The other idea i had:

Pub is always empty.

Make it a training scenario with bots. Every task should be filled in with learning-by-doing. Giving little information at a time. F.e.
  • u join the server.
  • U get short info about available tasks and how to pick them.
  • U pick a class, in this case [Engineer]
  • Trainings script starts introducing mission one for that task, here its: Lay a mine and let enemy trigger it
  • Bots join
  • Mine explodes, triggerd by enemy
  • Mission accomplished. Bots get kicked, next Mission for this tasks starts: building a Statgun

We could send ppl over there if they have problems with real gathers. Over time we could perfect this training scenario.

Misc / Mode Suggestion - TW Pro
« on: June 25, 2011, 01:02:28 pm »
First of all: I know what ur thinking ("oh cmon we have so many mods, as if this was necessary") and ur right on some lvl, but let me explain my idea, i have a reason for this. I know this is work, but Falcon, u would just have to modify ur ttw script to achieve it.

How does this work? Take TW and add few classes with reduced options. It wont be as complex as TTW but more complex than tw.
I dont want it to include Weaponsets for each classes, let em chose free and there will be no gen.

Option 1:
  • Radioman: Can call an airco strike (which should be more like the strike poncho does on leos) with his supply points and tap (we should enable /t talk, too).
  • Medic: Can heal by switching weps and has sloooow selfheal.
Option 2:
  • Radioman: Can call an airco strike (which should be more like the strike poncho does on leos) with his supply points and tap (we should enable /t talk, too).
  • Medic: Can heal by switching weps and has sloooow selfheal.
  • Engineer: Can build Sg if his team capped once at least.
  • Sabo: Can rig Sg
I like Option 2 more, but we can discuss the detaills, they dont matter.

Whats the Intention? We will bring TWers to the eat-this! community and introduce them into the basic ideas of tasks. The transition to ttw will be much easier, and maybe they will even pick up other mods that eat-this does run.
Its a big chance to get more ppl to our community by offering something new (but not too bizarre).
I did talk to TheOne yesterday. If u leave apart the better servers that leo has (german hosters - pure quality :P ) there is rlly no reason why he leos is bigger than eat-this. He is not very interested in most of the stuff, the forum is a mess and getting to some piece of information whos responsible for what is a disaster. Sry to say so, i like leos tw very much, especially gizd new inventions but i dont see what makes him so special.
On the other hand, trying to copy him wouldnt work. At all. Thats why i came up with Tw Pro, ensuring both inovation and tradition in one server.

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